The pleasure of italian food

We have been cultivating our love and dedication for good food and Italian tradition since 1868.


Flavoursome and heathy

At our gourmet shop you will have the opportunity to taste and buy authentic Italian delicacies from our family farm (qui mettiamo un link al sito della fattoria). These include well-known simple products such as Parmigiano Reggiano, cold cuts, wines, jams and balsamic vinegar.
Unique flavours that tell the story of Italy’s food culture.
We serve delightful, certified organic farmer’s flavours that in addition to ensuring certified quality ingredients, are respectful of the environment and animal welfare.

Right in the hearth of florence

We are located in the Foresi tower-house, a place with a special ambience, where history and pleasure meet right in the heart of Florence.

A new lifestyle:
“eating healthily”

The Fattoria Rossi (Rossi Farm) is located in Quattro Castella at the foot of the Matildiche hills, the cradle of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and the most famous Italian cured meats.

It is a family business that, since 1868, has handed down the ancient rural traditions from generation to generation, taking care of every single step: from the cultivation of the land, to the birth of the animals, up to the transformation and marketing of the products themselves.

We have the chance of delivering our products to your door providing the high-quality, guarantees and professionalism that have characterised our farm since 1868.

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Tuesday to Sunday:
Morning from 12:00 / Evening from 18:00
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